Not The Usual Freekick Friday Night

This past weekend I went to play some soccer with my friends at Girsh Park in Goleta.  Going to shoot freekicks is a thing me and my friends do usually every week.  We always make the plans with a late notice and have trouble getting out there but we somehow found a ride out there.  It was Friday night, Preston, Jackson and I hopped out of my jacuzzi and got ready to go play some soccer.   We were all ready, our cleats on,  and soccer balls packed.  The only thing we needed was a way to get out to Girsh.  Prestons’ older brothers almost always have to do what Preston says because they have to drive him wherever he needs to go.  And when I say him, I mean him and his friends (Jackson and I).  Preston called his brother Logan, and got the answer, “No I’m not taking you guys all the way to Girsh.”  We were bummed that he said no, but were willing to make a compromise.  He would drive us to Jackson’s house, but only that far.  He picked us up at around 7:30 and drove us to Jackson’s.  On the way, Jackson implied to his mom that we need a ride to go shoot.  She took the bait and said that she would take us out there.  Quickly, before she changed her mind, we accepted and got in the car.

When we got to Girsh, arrived to a closed gate and pitch black field.  Nothing we hadn’t seen before.  We used to go to UCSB to play but very since there was a very crowded day and the fields closed early, we have gone to Girsh.  There is no one there, and we can  stay as long as we want, usually.

fullsizerender-5We jumped the fence and took our stuff to the corner of the field where the light is.  The first time we came to Girsh, it was really late at night and we figured out how to turn on the light, so we could play.  Since then, we turn on the light every time.  The light covers the entire field and not many people know that you can turn it on.

fullsizerender-4By this time it was around 8:30.  We messed around for a while before we decided to play the usual free kick game.  Each of us would take turns shooting from a certain spot, and the best shot gets to choose where to take the next one.  Out of nowhere it started dumping rain, which made it more fun.

img_4555We kicked around for another hour before a car pulled up in the lot.  There are never people there so it was weird and we didn’t know what was going on.  A man got out of the car and yelled at us to turn the light off and come over there.  We were torn between leaving or going to see the guy.  We decided it was best to walk over to him.

He came up to the fence and told us we couldn’t play there when the gate was closed.  We played dumb and acted as if we didn’t know it was trespassing.  He gave us a warning and we had to leave.   This was the first time anyone had cared about us playing there late at night but I think we have to take a break for a while.

Anyways, we took an uber to In-N-Out on the way home.  We always have burgers on the way home from free kicks.  I got the double-double with fries and a drink and it was the bomb.  It always tastes so good after playing late.  It really is “Quality You Can Taste.”

img_4558Overall, we had an interesting night and learned that “trespassing” means “trespassing” and we should listen to the signs.  Comment your favorite soccer player below..


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