Mastering Mammoth Mountain

This past weekend I went on a trip for President’s Day weekend to Mammoth Mountain.   Mammoth is a cool place to just chill and enjoy a mountain full of different slopes, food, and friends.  I had only been to Mammoth a few times before this, learning to snowboard my first time at Mammoth.  This was my third trip to the mountain and I was super excited to get to board again, especially because there was supposed to be a lot of snow coming.  We were invited to stay in my friend Prestons’ condo that they own close to the mountain.  It’s a cozy place, perfect for the cold weather.

We started the drive right after school on Thursday at about 3:00.  The drive is the only thing that I don’t love about the trip.  It is around 6 hrs usually but can easily be more with traffic.  We got to my friends’ condo at 10:00, which is normal being that we stopped for dinner along the way.  We got to bed pretty early because we wanted to get up and on the mountain early the next morning.



We awoke to a snow-filled sky and fresh powder covering everything from roofs, to roads, to streets.  We got up and got dressed very quick, even though we had gone to bed relatively late.  Our goal was to hit the slopes at opening to get fresh tracks and uncharted snow, but we fell a little short of this goal.  Instead we got up around 7:30 and took a while to fully wake up.  We had bagels and eggs and got all our gear on.  By the time we got on the bus to take us to the mountain it was about 8:45.

On the mountain I decided to do a few runs with my dad, (who also snowboards)just to get the hang of it again.  It didn’t take me long before I got in the groove and wanted to go higher up the mountain.  My dad and I took Chair 5 to meet up with my friend Preston and his brothers.  The visibility at the top of 5 was horrible because it was snowing, but the snow was so worth it.  I hung out at 5 for almost the whole day except for when we ate at McCoy Station, in the middle of the mountain.  Preston and I took a run through the trees as our last run and left the mountain around closing time, which is 4:00.


Back at the condo we hung out, played Xbox, watched TV and played games, like Cards Against Humanity.  It was a chill day overall.


Saturday morning went a little like Friday.  We woke up around the same time and struggled to get and on the mountain for the first runs.  After breakfast we got on the bus and took it over to the mountain.

I went with Preston right off the bat but the line to get on the lift was giant.  There were so many people there for the holiday weekend.  We finally got on the chair and made our way over to Chair 5 like we did yesterday.  The run was clear and still had great snow which made for perfect conditions.  We lapped 5 till lunch, cutting through the trees, going off jumps, and searching for fresh tracks.  For lunch, me and Preston met his brothers for lunch at McCoy Station again.  The grill their is super good and the club sandwich is to die for.

After lunch we went back to 5 but the visibility was a little worse so we only stayed for another 2 or so hours, before we went back to the condo and hung out in the jacuzzi for a long time.  We played “What are the Odds” and dared each other to go jump in the snow and other things.



The last day of snowboarding, we got to the mountain around 10 and took Eagle up.  Me, my dad, and my brother Alec went up Chair 25 and went through the trees.  This was probably my most fun run from the whole trip because I got to get some untouched powder and I learned to do 180’s.  We did run 25 the whole day and ate at Eagle Lodge.  I took the bus back to the condo and by this time it had started snowing again.


The trip was a blast and I can’t wait to go up there again.  Bye the end of the 4 days my dad’s car was covered with snow and I could barely recognize it.


If you liked my post, comment below if you ski or snowboard…


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