Hiking With The Boys

Last Friday night some of my friends and I decided to go on a hike to Seven Falls.  Seven Falls is a series of water falls with pools deep enough to jump in.  We always go to the last pool of the seven because it is the deepest to jump in. Right after school on Friday, Preston, Jackson and I were picked up from school. We dropped by Preston’s house, my house, and another friend, Ben’s house on the way to the hike.  We got changed and made our way up to Tunnel Road.  The first part of the hike is pretty boring as we have to walk on a small asphalt sidewalk.  Every time I have been here, there has been almost no water in the waterfall under the bridge.  This time it was unreal how much there was.


After about 20 minutes, we get to the start of the real hike.  We took the trail down to the creek.  Jackson, Preston, and I have been here multiple times together, but this was Ben’s first time.  Its was cool for him to get to experience this much water with us for the first time.  At the bottom of the trail, the creek always runs dry but this time I was amazed.


We continued our way up the creek bed, jumping across rocks and trying not to fall in.  I have never actually taken the trail to the water falls.  It’s not as fun or adventurous, as me and my friends say.  We made our way past a few cool spots and pools that are never there so I felt the need to take some pictures.


We got up to the 3rd fall there was so much water and we couldn’t have made it by climbing up the fall.  Usually, there is no water and we can just climb up the rocks, but this time there was no way we could go up the fall.  It was super sketchy, but we decided to climb up around 70 feet up the side of the cliff.  To be honest I was pretty scared but we knew we could do it.  When we made it to the top, we found ourselves back on the trail.  I took a photo from the top looking down on the canyon.

fullsizerender-6We took the trail the rest of the way to the last waterfall, the place we always go to jump.  Preston and I first jumped in to check the depth.  Last time Jackson  jumped in and the water was only up to his knees.  Must’ve hurt.  Anyways, Ben and Jackson didn’t jump but Preston and I did a few times.  The water was ice cold like it usually is.  Preston took this picture of me, with Ben and Jackson in the background.


After about an hour of hanging at the 7th fall, we left.  On the way down, we checked out this cave that Jackson had found the last hike he went on.

img_4643By the time we got down the bottom of the trail, the sun was starting to set.  We crossed the creek and made our way down the road back to where we had started.


It was a pretty sick hike, probably the most fun one I have gone on.  If you have a chance, you should definitely go check out 7 Falls.  It’s a blast.  Comment below your favorite hiking trail…


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