Spearfishin’ Saturday


On Saturday I went spearfishing with Preston.  If you haven’t noticed pretty much everything I do on the weekends, whether it be surfing, hiking, snowboarding, playing soccer, I always do it with Preston and Jackson.  I woke up around 10:00, which was nice because I don’t usually get to sleep in.  It took me awhile to get up and I strolled out to have breakfast.  I walked outside to see how the weather was.  The sun was shining and the ocean looked glassy.  I finished breakfast and hopped on my bike to go check the surf.

I rode down to Leadbetter, my home break, where I usually longboard and mess around.  The surf was not great, especially not worth taking a longboard down.  Plus, it was pretty rocky, more than normal.  The  water though, was really clear.  Whenever it is like that, we always want to go spearfish, but by the time we get down there the visibility has gotten worse. I called up Preston at he said he would get down there as fast as he could.  I booked it back to my house and got together my stuff.  I packed my spear, fins, snorkel, and a wetsuit.  My dad gave us a ride and we grabbed a wavestorm from the board locker that Preston keeps his boards in.   The wind started to pick up so we got out there quick.

At first, we couldn’t see very well, but it was just on the swim out.  We took out the wavestorm to sit on whenever we needed to fix our snorkels or take a fish off our spears.  For awhile we didn’t see anything big enough to shoot, until Preston saw a big perch in the seaweed.  He couldn’t get a clear shot at it but we knew we were in the right place.  Not long after, we followed a school of fish and I took a shot at one.  I speared it but as I brought it up it fell off the spear.  I tried to look for it but couldn’t find it.  We kept going.  A seagull came up pretty close to us and looked at something in the water.  We swam over and saw that the fish I had shot was still struggling to swim on the surface.  I grabbed it and put it on the belt I was wearing.  After that we didn’t get anything else and decided to go surf some wavestorms again.


There were some waves around the point.  I grabbed a softtop and Preston grabbed the wavestorm.  We messed around for a while.  The waves were actually super fun, with little sest coming through here and then.  The rocks were a big of a hassle but I made it work.  We had to get out to go to a party and made our way up to the house where Preston stores his boards.  We hung the fish from a tree and tried to mess with people when they came by.

It was a sick day and we went back to my house.  Spearfishing is a fun thing to do if the water is ever clear.  Check it out sometime. Comment below your favorite type of fish to eat..


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