Bump, Set, Spike

This past weekend, I went to East Beach to play beach volleyball with my friend and his family.  I spent the night at Preston’s house and woke up Sunday morning super tired, not realizing that it was actually and hour later than it felt.  Preston’s parents came in and told us that we were going to play beach volleyball.  For breakfast, we went to the bagel market for a quick bite.  I had an everything bagel, as always.  After our late breakfast, we drove down to the beach at like 12.  The courts were packed and we got dropped off to find an open court while Preston’s parents were parking.  Somehow, there was only one court left and Preston and I got it!


The weather was pretty perfect for playing volleyball.  The fog covered the sun, which made the sand warm, but not scolding hot.  Perfect to play barefoot.  We started out playing a few games of doubles.  I was a team with Preston, who is a lot better than I am.  Usually, I’m the reason that we lose every game, but today I held my own.  We played against Preston’s parents and won easily in the first game.  We played like 3 more games until some more of our friends showed up.  Then we played a game with the whole group, which is a little chaotic, but still a blast.


After a while, Preston, Siena, and I decided to walk to East Beach Grill to get some ice cream.  The mixed cone of chocolate and vanilla soft-serve is super good but a little too expensive.


We went back to the courts and played a final game with Preston and I playing against Harrison and Chase, who are both super good at volleyball.  To my surprise, we beat them and they will never hear the end of it from us.  We left to go to a barbecue at Siena’s house because she has a pool.  Harrison drove us to the top of Leadbetter and we checked out the surf.  It was pretty flat and not worth going out.  Instead, we went back up to the house, and jumped in the pool.



I played a few games of ping-pong against Preston, but I never won.  He’s too good.  The pool felt nice after a long day at the beach and an ice cold Coke made it even better.  I swam with my friend’s and relaxed for while the parents cooked up some burgers.  It was a pretty chill day and I had so much fun until I realized I had a lot of homework left.  You could guess what the rest of my night was like…

Comment below your favorite thing to do at the beach…



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