Clear Water Waves


On Saturday this past weekend I went on a paddle with Preston and my little brother from Hendry’s to Leadbetter beach.  Paddle boarding is something that is super fun to do when the surf is flat.   It’s easy to catch even the smallest waves on a stand-up.  I am pretty good at it because I surf a lot and it translates to paddle boarding.  On the other hand, Preston hadn’t been paddle boarding many times so it took him a while to get the hang of it.



We started at Hendry’s Beach and brought our boards down to the water.  The water looked really nice and the sun made it appetizing to go in the water.   We jumped on our boards and paddled a little ways to the right where a small peak was breaking.  Preston hadn’t caught waves before on a paddle board but he surfed to he caught on.  My brother had been paddling before and he was better at catching waves.  After a little while  we started paddling south down the beach.  I caught a few little waves on the way down without falling.  Because I am the best and don’t fall a lot, I held Preston’s phone so that we could take pictures from the paddle.



We made our way down to around Mesa Lane and the water got really clear.  We could see tons of fish and crabs from the top of the water standing on our boards.  It was super cool because honestly I hadn’t seen the water be so clear in some of the places we went by.  It literally looked like you were looking though glass.  The visibility was a definite 10. I stopped to take these pictures but Alec and Preston did not wait for me.  I had to hurry to catch up tot hem but I had to capture the clarity of the water.



Eventually, I caught back up to them and we stopped at around Table Tops, so I could hop in the water.  The bottom was completely sand and we could see everything perfectly.  My put all our boards together to make a triangle, and I dove through the middle.  The water felt super nice after paddling for a while.



When we got to Leadbetter there were some tiny waves but still big enough to standup on.  We were chilling until a random guy showed up and started spearfishing.  He looked pretty weird and he asked us to hold his bucket while he looked for crabs.  He grabbed a bunch of crabs, that I was pretty sure wasn’t legal and he left.  We rode a few more waves and looked for fish from the top of the water.


Comment below if you would rather standup paddle or surf…


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