Freedom On Wheels

A few weeks ago I finally got my drivers license.  I’ve been waiting to be able to drive myself around and not have to ask my parents for a ride every time I wanted to go somewhere.  The day of the test, I drove with my dad out to the Goleta DMV where I was scheduled to take the test at 8:30 Monday morning.  When I got there I parked in one of the three parking spaces specifically for the driving test.  I was super nervous by this point, but I was also confident in my driving.  We walked in, and up to the counter.   A man told me to go wait in the car, so I went out and hopped in.  A few minutes later, he came out and told me to roll down my window.  He asked me to show him my turn signals, window wipers, hazards, and defroster.  After this part of the test, he got into the passenger seat and I backed up.  I made sure to drive relatively slow in the parking lot so he wouldn’t dock points.  I took a left out of the parking lot and drove down the road surrounding Girsh Park.  We drove around in the housing area for a few minutes, until he told me to pull up to a long curb on the right.

This was the part of the test that I was most nervous about, because any touch of the curb is an automatic fail.  I pulled up straight and about 10 inches form the curb.  He told me to back up and not to go out into the street.  I was surprised that all I had to do was not go out into the street or hit the curb.  I backed up slowly, looking at my mirror, and went straight back.  I was so relieved when he said to stop and pull back out onto the street.  By this time, I was confident in the rest of the test.  We drove on Hollister for a bit and back in another residential area.  I overplayed everything I did, when I looked across intersections, and checked mirrors.  I pulled back into the parking lot and parked in the same spot I had earlier.  I was almost certain I had passed, but there is always that chance that I could be wrong.

I waited a bit, until he started to talk.  My eyes lit up when he started his sentence with, “Congratulations.”  He told me that I missed a couple points for little things like not looking around the entire time.  I got out of the car and met my Dad inside.  They gave me a paper that was my temporary license till my actually one arrived.  I had to drive my dad home before I could drive to school on my own.  I got back home, and for the first time ever, drove away by myself with no one else in the car.  The feeling is super weird and I can’t describe the amount of freedom that it makes you feel.  Now, I can drive pretty much wherever I want and it’s amazing.  I will never feel the same way I used to without my license.

Comment below what you are going to do first when you get your license..


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