Sometimes You Just Need To Chill

This past weekend I did something that I usually don’t usually do very often.  I pretty much did nothing the entire weekend.  As you’ve probably learned from reading my past blog posts, I always hang out with my two best friends Preston and Jackson on the weekends.  Every weekend we do something, but this weekend was different. The chances of both of them being out of town are super slim, but it happened this weekend.  “The Boys” were gone and I was pretty bored.

On Saturday morning I woke up at 8:30 and got packed to go surf.  Our surf team had a practice for the State Championships coming up soon in Oceanside.  This was the first time I had driven on the freeway myself and it was way easier than I was expecting.  I got to Rincon around 9:30, took my longboard off the car, and headed down to the beach.  My brother had pasted by earlier on his way out of town and warned me to bring a leash for my longboard because it was super good.

I didn’t really believe him and I forgot about the leash. There were definitely some waves.  This was the biggest I have ever surfed on a longboard and all the groms I live by, thought I was crazy coming out on a longboard with no leash.  I am super comfortable with no leash and rarely lose my board.  I surfed for a good 3 hours, knowing that I had nothing else to do when I got back home.  I caught a few bombs, hung 5, and got a few hang 10’s.

After a while, it got a little windy and I decided to drive home.  There was a lot of traffic but I was in no hurry.  On the way home I stopped by Subway for a bite and ate alone.  It kind of sucks when your friends are all out of town.

When I got home I started homework and worked all the way up to dinner.  I had a craving for McDonald’s and my dad let me go through the drive through.  That was pretty much my whole day.
The next day was super layback.  I did homework and blasted music all day, inly leaving the house twice.  Once to check the surf, which was pointless because I knew I had so much homework that I had no time to surf.  The other time was to get lunch. Guess where??

Yep, Subway again.  The rest of the day I took some wax of surfboards that I’m selling and tried to finish my hw.

Comment below what you would do if your friends all went out of town…


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