Santa Barbara High Saturday Surf Practice

This past weekend I went on another early morning surf session before the crack of dawn.  I am on the SBHS Surf Team and compete against other schools in surf contests.  I prefer to longboard in the contests, because that is the division in which I usually get the best result. Most of the time though, I have to shortboard too which is still fun, but the kids I surf against are often super good.  Anyways, for the surf team we have practices that usually take place at 6:30 am on Wednesday mornings at “the pit” a.k.a Hendry’s Beach.  This week was different and our coach decided to change practice from the usual Wednesday morning time, to 6:30 am Saturday, at Rincon.  My parents did not want me to wake them up at that time, so I made sure to set out all my clothes for the morning, put my boards in the car, and set and alarm, or a few.

   At 5:45 am, my first alarm went off.  Luckily, I was sleeping next to phone and I didn’t sleep through it.  The other 3 alarms were not needed.  I got up, threw on swim trunks and a pair of sweats.  Grabbed my sweatshirt and a granola bar and was out of the house, as quietly and stealth as I could.  At around 6:00, I was on the road.  Since there was no traffic, I got there relatively fast, a little before the rest of my team.  This practice was mainly based on preparing for the state finals in Oceanside coming up.  I am only longboarding in this contest so I was only practicing longboarding at Rincon.  When the rest of the team got there we grabbed our boards and headed down to the beach.  There was a seal just chilling on the rocks, trying to take a nap as everyone walked by it.

 I paddled out around 6:45 with almost no one out. The waves were probably the best I’ve surfed in a while and I couldn’t believe how open the lineup was. I surfed for a good 4 hours until I finally got a little tired and the water became packed.  It was so worth waking up so early.  I caught a bunch of waves and really got my hang 5 to hang 10 down.


Overall, it was a super fun morning and I got out of the water exhausted.  Even thoughI was tired, I came home, ate lunch, and went surfing again that afternoon.

Comment below how early you get up for sports, hobbies, vacations, etc…


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