A Surf Weekend Away

This past weekend I had the SSS State Surf Contest in Oceanside for our SBHS Surf Team.  Friday, immediately when I got home from school, I started to pack the car with all kinds of boards, wetsuits, and food.  The car was packed and ready by 6:00, and when my dad got home, we left right away.

We left around 6:30, and I drove until around Thousand Oaks, where we stopped for dinner at a super good steak restaurant owned by my dad’s close friend.  I had an amazing filet mignon and our friend took care of a lot of the meal. We left Thousand Oaks, around 9:00 and my dad drove the rest of the way to Oceanside and we arrived around 12:30 a.m at our hotel. By this time I was almost falling asleep but I got the stuff out of the car, took it to our room, and jumped in bed.  In the morning I woke up at 8:30, and drove down to the beach where the contest was being held.  It was literally 2 minutes away.

The waves were pretty good, but a little walled at some peaks.  It was pretty big to not wear a leash, but a real longboarder doesn’t use a leash.  Our heat was at 10:45 and we were surfing against a really good team from down south.  When it finally became time for my heat, I put on my jersey and went down to the water.  My team was made up of me, Matty P., and Evan B. We surfed against a really good team and lost by a point.


oc2 (1)

After the heat,we free surfed for a while. The surf was super fun a little ways down the beach and my and my dad surfed for a while.  Then we packed up the car and went to get some food.  There was a Joe’s Crab Shack so we stopped by for some fresh seafood.

IMG_4929We left Oceanside around 3:00 Saturday afternoon. The ride home was pretty boring and there was a lot of traffic up the coast.  Overall, the trip was super fun and I got to spend a lot quality time with my dad.

Comment below if you want to join the surf team..


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