Friday Funday


Last Friday was a pretty good day.  First off, last week was AP test week.  I had an AP test for AP Biology on Monday which was super stressful.  If you remember from my last post, almost the entire weekend before the exams, I spent studying with friends, and I hope it paid off.  I felt pretty good about the biology exam, but I don’t want to get my hopes up for a high score, because you can never know with these tests.  The AP World History exam was on Thursday last week, and I thought it was very difficult.  I think that I managed to pass, but I’m a little nervous about that one.  Overall, the week went well and I couldn’t wait for the weekend.  Jackson and I got out of school around 3:00 on Friday afternoon.  We thought that it would be fun to go shoot free kicks, but had already planned a hike at Seven Falls at 5:30.  There was no time to go after, so we decided to go before the hike.  I dropped by my house, threw some soccer balls in the car, got changed and drove out to UCSB.  Jackson and I parked, and paid for 40 minutes.

We rushed to find an open goal.  The first goals were not being used, but ultimate frisbee was taking up the whole field. Yeah, I know, hilarious.  What a waste of open goals.  Fortunately, there was one in the back.  We shot for a while, and at the same time there was a UCSB softball game going on.  We got to see a grand slam by UCSB and I think they won the game.

By this time it was time to go, so we got on the freeway to find some bad traffic.  It only lasted for a bit and we got home with plenty of time to get to the hike.  I met Jackson at Tunnel Road, with some friends.  Jackson, Jordyn, Jane, and I started the hike.

It was pretty late and Jackson and I knew we had to go pretty quick.  The girls didn’t get the memo.  It ended up taking us a good an hour and a half to get up to one of the pools.  We went for a swim. We didn’t really think about bringing a towel so that was a problem.  I used Jackson’s shirt as a towel, which worked fairly well.  On the way down, Jackson and I had to continuously stop and wait for Jordyn and Jane, giving us time to take some pictures.

After that, we got down to the bottom.  Then we drove to the Habit to get a burger.  Friday was fun and I’m stoked to be done with AP tests.

Comment below if you had to any AP exams….


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