El Cap Excitement


This past weekend I celebrated my little brother’s birthday camping at El Capitan.  It is a tradition that we have been doing ever since I was in elementary school and we have a huge group of many families.  Preston, Jackson, and Riley Roach are only a few of the kids that go and all their families have been coming since the beginning.  Jackson and I always get out of school at lunch on that Friday before the weekend to get up to the El Cap early.  This time Jackson drove so there was room for Preston in the RV.  We got off at lunch, and hit the road, at almost the earliest time we have ever gone.

When we got there, we spent a little time eating Sam’s To Go.  The weather was already showing signs of a perfect weekend.  Preston, Jackson, Bronson, my brother, and I were the only kids up there and had to help set up all the tables, tents, and unpack surfboards.  Finally, after a good 2 hrs we were done and ran down to the ocean.

The water was pretty nice and the waves were super fun.  We always surf, even if there is no swell, but this time there was.   After a little while, we all went up to find everyone arriving.  The showers were free this year, which saved a lot of quarters. After some time eating dinner and playing horseshoes, Jackson and I decided to go for a sunset sesh at around 7:50.  There was no time to put on a wetsuit, so we trunked it.  It was cold, but the waves were worth it.  No one else was man enough to go in, even Preston.

The sunset was super pretty.  After another shower we hung around the campfire talking and messing around. The next morning we had breakfast burritos and lots of fruit. The entire day was spent at the beach. The weather was perfect just to top it off.

I took down all my boards.  Surfboards, boogie-boards, hand-planes, and beaters.  The kids spent the day in and out of the water.  We played spikeball, which is a super fun game.  Taylor and I made a great team and won some close games.  The waves were small but fun and always surfable.

We went for another golden hour sunset session that night.  This time almost everyone went out, and this was when the waves were the best.  Everyone just fooled around, tried to get barreled and just had fun.

That night was just like the other one, except for that the “Taco Guy” came for dinner.  The made all kinds of meat, tacos, and quesadillas.  I remember eating like a horse.  After that we hung out by the rope swing, by the fire, and in Jackson’s car, bumping tunes.

Sunday was layback.  The kids helped back up, and the went down for the last time to the beach.  The adults met us down there once everything had been packed.  We ate pizza and leftovers, and surfed until it was time to go.  then we got dippin’ dots, which are little ice cream balls that are super good.

Overall, it was one of the best trips so far and I can’t wait till next year!  Comment below were you like to go camping…..


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