Hey guys, my name is Riley Svensson and welcome to my lifestyle blog about my life in the 805.  I am a 16 year-old that just wants to have fun and do different things with my free time, whether it be surfing, hiking, playing sports, or just being outside in SB.  I want to share my lifestyle with you to inspire you guys to just live life to the fullest and have as much fun as you can.  My blog will share with you a real idea of my life and the natural vibe I have when writing about it.   I live in Santa Barbara, California, and almost all of my adventures happen in my local home, but once in awhile my posts will include a journey out of the 805.  I try to write naturally and just let the words come out of me without thinking about it.


I like to surf every chance I get and also explore the wonderful city of Santa Barbara, doing things that only locals do often.  Follow my blog if you want to see how it is living a local lifestyle in the 805. Comment below to let me know if you enjoy my blog. I hope you do!!